Skip the showrooms and hiring individual subcontractors for each little part of your remodel project. Baldwin Remodeling is your all-in-one source to turn your dreams into reality

  1. Call Us to Request an Estimate for A Remodeling Job
  2. Craig will work with you to schedule a time, convenient for you, to come to the house and inspect everything to plan out your ideal remodel project- no matter what the project is.
  3. Once he arrives, he starts his consultation and inspection process, in which he will complete the following:

    • Takes measurements of everything, reviews the project layout and how it will fit within the room or home and working in adjustments as needed.

  4. Once that is all complete, he will sit down with you and draw out his idea of what their bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel will look like in 3-D format, to provide a better visual element for you. 

    • During this time, he will discuss with you the following (if applicable) and will work with suppliers to get these materials

      • Painting colors for the walls, cabinets, etc.
      • Flooring/ Bathroom Walls: narrow down the wide array of tiles, or wood flooring you are looking.
      • Discuss what electrical work you will want done (light fixtures)

    • If you have a project idea similar to one, we have completed before, we would be happy to show some before and after pics to provide you a real-life view of what you remodel could look similar to.

  5. Craig works with suppliers to get all the materials you needed for the remodel such as: cabinets, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and etc. Craig will then present you with a comprehensive estimate on how much all the supplies will cost at which time you can choose to alter and adjust the order, if needed.
  6. REMODEL TIME: We work with subcontractors on a schedule to provide you an efficient and quality remodel in a timely manner. Our remodel jobs are typically completed in 4-5 weeks depending on how extensive the project is.

    • We always strive to be clean; debris leaves the house same day as demolition. Every single day the project area is vacuumed clean before we leave.